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Beverages for all tastes and budgets



Refresh your Business -

with Beers and Drinks made in Germany

Cody's Beer
Cody's Beer
Cody's Malt
Cody's Malt
Cody's Energy
Cody's Energy
Cody's Vody
Cody's Vody

Made in Germany –

For All Tastes And Budgets

Cody’s brings a refreshing variety to the world that leaves no customer desires untended:
passionately trendy, unrivalled low price and unmistakably German.
The brand is firmly rooted within Germany’s famous brewing tradition.
All beers, energy drinks and mixed beverages are produced by well-known manufacturers from Germany –
using the best of ingredients and subject to the strictest of quality requirements.

Your benefits with Cody's 

Thirst for success?

Quench with Cody's from Germany!

Cody’s keeps its finger on the pulse of the market all over the world.
With German precision, trends from Asia, America or Africa are constantly being transformed
into new flavour experiences: quick, flexible and smooth.
The result is a worldwide success. You too can benefit! Refresh your sales with Cody’s.

This is how our Cody's Energy is made! Recently even CO²-neutral!

Did you ever wonder how our Cody's Energy Drinks are produced? Here you can have a look at a production of our famous Energy Drink "Cody's Energy". By the way: Our Cody's Energy and Vody products are produced CO²-neutral!

Cody's Junior Cup - short report on ORTB

The Cody's Junior cup on 27th December in Benin, Parakou was a success. Thanks to the organizers of the Cody's Junior Cup! There will be another cup next year, we are already looking forward to it!

New #Vody clip from Ivory Coast! #CodysVody #VodkaEnergy

Cody's Vody promo clip!

New and special, loud and expressive, unique and inspiring - words that describe this video best. Have fun watching and share, share, share! Turn your sound on!

Your frequently asked questions regarding Cody's!

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When should Cody’s Drinks be consumed?

As Cody‘s drinks has a big range of products, it is always a good time to drink one of the products. The products can be consumed anytime and everywhere – durings sports, at your workplace, while studying, playing a video game, when going out or visiting a festival, or on the road.

The Energy drink boosts your inner system to get the most power out of it, enhances performance and improves well-being. The alcoholized energy drinks and the beers are ideal for partying. Or just when you want to chill out after work.

How can I work with Cody’s drinks?

If you have a shop/bar/market and want to work with Cody’s drinks, please send us an e-mail to info[at] or write us a message on our website with the following details: company data, contact details and a business card, if possible. Please note, that we do not work with consumers!

If you are looking for a job, I am sorry, we don't have any needs at the moment!

How can I plan an event/collaboration with Cody’s drinks?

If you want to work out an event or collaboration with Cody’s drinks, please send us an e-mail to info[at] or write us a message on our website with the following details: company data, contact details and event details. If possible, please also send a link and photos so that we can find out more about it.

How much does a carton or a can of Cody’s cost?

Unfortunately we cannot tell how much 1 carton or can of one of the Cody’s drinks products cost, as prices vary locally. You should ask at your local market how expensive a carton is.

Are some of the Cody’s products HALAL?

Yes, Cody’s Energy Drink 25cl and 50cl, as well as Cody’s Energy Drink Light 25cl are certified by the HALAL Quality Control GmbH.

Do Cody's Energy Drinks contain any alcohol? 

No, our Energy Drinks have absolutely no alcohol inside. 

Should a pregnant/lactating women consume Cody’s Vody or other alcoholic beverages?

Pregnant and lactating women should not drink any alcoholic beverage.

How can I contact Cody’s drinks for comments, feedback or questions?

In order to ask questions, give feedback or comments on our products and company, please send an e-mail to or write us a message on our website. You are also always welcome to contact us on our social media fanpages: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Leave us a like or comment!


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